Mr Chek Heng Tog

Hello, I am a general surgeon who specialises in minimally invasive gastrointestinal and weight loss surgery. I provide comprehensive management to upper GI conditions and morbid obesity.

Upper Gastro-Intestinal surgery
Reflux & Hiatal hernia surgery
Gastric & oesophageal tumour- benign or malignant

Weight loss surgery
Sleeve gastrectomy
Gastric banding
Roux-en Y gastric bypass
Revision surgery

Gastroscopy & colonoscopy
I also provides a range of Laparoscopic & General Surgical procedures such as
– Gallstone & biliary disease
– Hernias surgery (inguinal, umbilical, ventral, incisional, recurrent)
– Small bowel & colon cancer surgery
– Surgery for haemorrhoid, anal fissure and perianal disease

I operate at Epworth, Warringal and Northpark Private Hospitals.

Consulting at:

  • Epworth Medical Centre: T: 9428 7556
  • Northwest Specialist Centre: T: 9379 5479
  • Unihill Specialist Centre Bundoora: T:9466 7338
  • Sheehans Medical Centre – 81 Canterbury Road, Blackburn T: 9877 1200


Dr Tog’s consulting locations include:

  • Epworth Medical Centre
  • Northwest Specialist Centre
  • Unihill Specialist Centre
  • Sheehans Medical Centre