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Medical research is performed to improve our understanding of human disease, including  causes, treatment and prevention. A variety of methods are used, depending on the level of understanding of the studied disease. For rare conditions or poorly understood conditions, it is helpful to enrol people with the disease into a registry, so that the behaviour and impact of those diseases can be studied. Early in the research pathway, laboratory studies are performed on samples donated from people with the disease, so as to better understand the disease’s mechanisms and to recognise potential targets for therapy. Clinical trials are then be performed in a number of phases, with early phase trials concentrating on safety and tolerability of potential therapies, and later phase trials exploring whether or not a proposed therapy is effective.

Lung and Sleep Victoria is pleased to support a number of physicians that are actively engaged in respiratory and allergy research. If you are interested in participating in medical research, there are a number of ways in which you might participate, including as a registry or trial participant, or assisting with research funding via a funding body. Our physicians are happy to talk to you more about research participation.

Our Researchers

Assoc Prof. Ian Glaspole
Assoc Prof. Glen Westall
Dr Joy Lee